Give your show a makeover

The Salon

Becoming a worldclass performer is not easy. It takes truckloads of self-belief, dedication and practice. And sometimes it simply hurts...not just in your body.

The Show Salon can help you:


  • Become a better performer
  • Develop new material
  • Develop better material
  • Structure your act
  • Develop your own style
  • Develop a character/persona
  • Develop rhythm, timing, pace
  • Learn crowdbuilding techniques


  • Learn how to sell your act
  • Get booked
  • Get paid
  • Get an agent
  • Create better promo material
  • Develop your marketing
  • Create great props/costumes
  • Write great hat lines

Give your show a makeover


Whether you perform on stage, on the street, in a circus tent or in a cruise ship
The Show Salon can accompany you through the inevitable pain of creating an act,
selling your act and becoming a better performer.



Let's talk through your ideas (or develop new ones) online via web video. Our first meeting is free. If you like it, book more. This is a great way to... More info

Face to face

Face to Face

Come and rehearse in the charming town of Freiburg in Southern Germany. We’ll arrange a local studio space and can recommend accommodation. More info...

On tour

On Tour

Are you looking for a face-to-face connection, but can't come to Germany? Connect with our founder Julian while he's on tour. More info...

Give your show a makeover

The Polish

You've worked on the act. Now let these people help you polish the show.

Oli Pinchbeck

Web Design - Europe

Oli is a programmer and digital project manager, with a mixed background in advertising and circus arts. He likes to work for a fixed fee, and builds clean, simple sites that are easy for his clients to manage themselves. Should a project require skills that are outside of his abilities, he has a wide network and can source contacts in a variety of digital disciplines.

David Cassel

Web Design - North America

David has been a graphic designer and visual artist since the dawn of time and has worked with a vast range of clients including performing artists, television stations, filmmakers, medical services and various product lines. He loves working with colour, texture and styles of all descriptions.


Emmy Taylor

Visual designer - UK

Emmy can help you with photography, visual effects, motion graphics & graphic design. She can create logos, branding, business cards & promo material as well as photomanipulation, touch ups and content design for websites (not the programming). She has spent 4 years working with the Lords of Lightning and Arcadia. She has a BA Hons in VFX & MGFX.

Dave Pickens

Photography - Europe

David Pickens is a highly experienced photographer. Since studying photography, he worked with the great and the good of the advertising world. He then ran away to join the circus and became Dave Chameleon, internationally renowned performer. Along this journey he has combined his talents and now produces high quality promotional and theatrical portraits of fellow performers. He knows what is needed from both perspectives. His photos are regularly chosen for festival posters and program covers.


Evan Young

Photography - North America

Evan started out as a juggler, and picked up photography as a way to document his adventures along the way. After some apprenticeship time and a lot of experimentation, Evan has some pro level photography chops; but he's still a full time juggler. Evan knows what photos you need, a couple of dynamic, eye catching photos that are poster worthy, and some supporting images that fill out the rest of the story of who you are and what your show is about. Lets just get this done already.

Reuben Dot Dot Dot

Videography - Australia/UK

Reuben has been passionate about the moving image for as long as he can remember. A world-class performer he has performed with Cirque du Soleil and done shows for the likes of BMW and Land Rover. This experience in the industry allows Reuben to bring the best out of people shows and to create highly effective promotional videos for both bookers and the general public.

Kate Mior

Copywriting - North America

Kate Mior has been touring the world for over a decade by doing literally nothing and standing very still. In an industry saturated with “living statues”, Kate has carved out a niche by for herself by creating a distinctive brand. Her unique product sells to festivals and corporate events everywhere from Europe to Asia, Africa and all over North America. How did she do it? By marketing. With a degree from Ryerson University, Kate honed her skills in self-promotion through the art of language manipulation. Don't know how to talk about how awesome you are and why festivals should hire you? Talk to Kate. She sells the sizzle for any CV or bio page!"

David Cassel

Sound and music - North America

David Cassel creates custom soundtracks as “The Ukulele Bandito” for acoustic work and as “The Space Commander" for all things electronic. Soundscapes, atmospheres, audio grabs, orchestral hits, hip hop dance numbers, musical theatre solos, ukulele jingles, videos and more.

Soundtrack type stuff can be found on his album “:Oddities and Curiosties” at iTunes and CDBaby. David’s jingles can be found here: YouTube and soundcloud

David has a vast back catalogue and can make pretty much anything from orchestral arrangements, jazz numbers, pop or quirky show specific stuff like anthems, themes and sound effects.

Johannes Söllner

Sound and music - Germany

Johannes is a multi-faceted musician who feels at home in nearly every field of music – composing, arranging, conducting, performing whether with or without instruments. Ever since he can remember, he is fascinated by the magic of music because it touches our hearts like nothing else. That is why he loves to add a certain feeling to a performance, a film or a text by writing, improvising and playing music. Johannes won several composition competitions – Pop, Jazz, Rock, Classical, including almost all kind of instruments – and he knows the stage as a dancer, clown, actor and musician. Therefore, he knows exactly what a certain scene is missing and allows music to become bigger, more intense and more magical. Let's enchant your performance, too!



Costume designer/maker - UK

From the creation of a stripy sock (this is true!) to a fully formed concept and brief, Perdy designs and makes, costumes for a variety of independent circus performers; jugglers, fire performers; stilt walkers...to name just a few. She understands that the costumes are not simply clothes, but an integral part of an act, and is just as happy to give TLC to a well-used costume, as to create a new one from scratch.

Sam Prest

Specialist prop maker - Australia

Based in Sydney but supplying internationally, Sam Prest Productions provides a "One Stop Shop”. "If it can be imagined, it can be built”. Services are complete from Design to Fabrication. With 30 years experience as an Entertainer and Special Effects Artist, you will feel confident that you are engaging with an Artist that understands the specialised requirements of a travelling entertainer.

  • Aluminium Welding
  • Mould Making
  • Fibreglass
  • Industrial composites
  • Mechanics
  • Sculpture
  • Plastic Forming
  • Industrial coatings
  • Specialised road cases

Nick Warburton

Inventor & designer of audio equipment & performance artist - UK

In response to trying to better meet my own needs and in responding to the requests of others, in 2008 I decided to start designing a series of audio equipment to help overcome many of the issues street performers have.

Give your show a makeover

Our Story

The Show Salon was founded out of a love of making theatre

The Show Salon's founder, Julian Bell has been passionately involved as a performer and creator of theatre, comedy and circus for the last 14 years. Starting as a humble juggler that nobody really watched, he has constantly evolved and has gone on to perform in over 20 countries.

Best known as the creator of Ernest the Magnifico - Australia’s Favourite Daredevil, Julian has a keenly developed understanding of character development and character comedy as well as an ability to create well structured, dynamic routines.

Trained in clown, circus and physical theatre, Julian has appeared on the streets, in festivals, in theatres and on radio and television. He has run off to join the circus, performed with Opera Australia in the Sydney Opera House and has even been seen performing on the side of a skyscraper with Legs on the Wall.

Since 2012 Julian has lived in Freiburg, Germany where he recently founded an independent theatre group Firlefanz Theater.

The Show Salon is the natural extension of Julian's passion for working creatively - both on his own theatre shows and in helping others with the creative development of their shows.

“Julian, a.k.a. Ernest the Magnifico is a full-blooded entertainer. A perfect example of a comic performer who thrills his audience with his loveable nature. Funny, spontaneous and unique, he is an absolute professional and on top of that a very charming fellow. I look forward to seeing him again."

- Christoph Sprecher, Aufgetischt St Gallen, Switzerland

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