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The Salon

Becoming a worldclass performer is not easy. It takes truckloads of self-belief, dedication and practice. And sometimes it simply hurts...not just in your body.

The Show Salon can help you:


  • Become a better performer
  • Develop new material
  • Develop better material
  • Structure your act
  • Develop your own style
  • Develop a character/persona
  • Develop rhythm, timing, pace
  • Learn crowdbuilding techniques


  • Learn how to sell your act
  • Get booked
  • Get paid
  • Get an agent
  • Create better promo material
  • Develop your marketing
  • Create great props/costumes
  • Write great hat lines

"Julian Bell is a wonderful director with a great vision for both helping an artist retain their own personal style while making it possible for them to reach their audiences effectively. Highly recommended as a director! Can't wait to work with you again!" Kate Mior (Canada)


Whether you perform on stage, on the street, in a circus tent or in a cruise ship
The Show Salon can accompany you through the inevitable pain of creating an act,
selling your act and becoming a better performer.



Let's talk through your ideas (or develop new ones) online via web video. Our first meeting is free. If you like it, book more. This is a great and affordable way to develop your act. Meet where you want, when you want and develop your act at a pace that suits you. There are no strings attached. Simply book your first free coaching session and if you like it come back for more.

Face to face

Face to Face

Come and rehearse in the charming town of Freiburg in Southern Germany. A great way to to take a break from your everyday life and focus intensively on your creative project. Visit for a weekend or stay for a few weeks. We’ll arrange a local studio space and can help you find accommodation. Get in touch to find out more.

On tour

On Tour

Are you looking for a face-to-face connection, but can't come to Germany? Connect with our founder Julian while he's on tour. If you live in Central Europe, the UK, Canada, Australia or New Zealand there is a good chance that Julian is touring near you. Get in touch to see what is possible.

"...It was a pure pleasure to work with Julian. With a great sensitivity he created the absolute best from my ideas and wishes. The final result is impressive. Julian is a competent, professional and incredibly sympathetic coach for all professionals in theatre and street theatre… " - Sabine Maringer aka Bella Etage (Austria)

Street Theatre Masterclass

6th - 17th April 2020 Freiburg Germany

The first Street Theater Masterclass in Vienna was a great success. In 2020 we are hitting the road and coming to Freiburg in Germany.

Spend two weeks with motivated professionals and soon-to-be professionals in a supportive and creative enviroment. Learn the tricks, the psychology and the strategy of street theater and develop the tools to make your act better.

On tour
On tour
Masterclass 2019

"... in no time at all Julian helped me find my character. In just over two hours work I had so many great ideas. Ideas that I had been searching for, for the last two years.

… Julian has a great way of teasing the best out of you without forcing his own ideas onto you. He has a good and very experienced eye in directing, it was productive and honest! Thank you!" - Rita Bückert aka Rita Buqu (Germany)

The Show Salon Story

Hi. I’m Julian Bell. Or perhaps you know me as “Ernest the Magnifico - Australia’s Favourite Daredevil”. Since 2002 I have travelled the world performing in festivals, stages, theaters and events in over 25 different countries. I'm Australian but these days I live in Germany.

In my years as a performer I have benefited greatly from directors, coaches and mentors. Having an outside eye can help you open up new theatrical doors, stretch the boundaries of what is possible and ultimately draw out the best of what is bottled up inside you.

The Show Salon is designed to be a go-to hub for performers when they need help. A place to find inspiration, advice or support. A place for workshops and masterclasses. A place to go when you need a director.

Whether you are new to performing or an old hand. Whether street theater, stage or circus, I firmly believe I can help you on your journey to becoming a better performer and creating a better show. And if I can’t help you, I certainly know people who can.

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