April 1 – 12 2019.
Cost: €990

The Masterclass

The Street Theatre Masterclass offers professional and aspiring performers the opportunity to work with experienced coaches in an intensive and creative atmosphere. The principal objectives of the Masterclass are the development of essential street theater skills, the furthering of existing routines and shows as well as the examination key learning areas including: crowdbuilding, show structure, character, transitions and hatting. The program also includes an overview of key 'business' fundamentals including booking your act and marketing, as well as the essential skills of self-management.

The Masterclass will be held in English and daily from 10am - 6pm will include work in groups as well as the opportunity to work one on one with our coaches. The Masterclass also includes guest lectures by key industry figures. Theory will be put into practice on street pitches of Vienna. As the nature of this type of training is experiential, registrants will be expected to participate fully.

Course Summary

Each day will start with guided physical and theatrical warm-ups

Week 1
Street theatre analysis, history of street theatre, crowd building, character/persona, show structure, working on your number (Working towards show at the end of the week). We will be working both theoretically and practically. When possible we will apply concepts on the streets of Vienna. On Friday participants will perform their shows (In group show format).

Participants will have the chance to work on their act one-on-one with their coach of choice

Week 2
Props/costume/technical, use of the outdoor space, marketing/web, festival applications, selling your act, finale/closing your show, hatting, working towards group show. At the end of the week we will be organising a mini-festival in cooperation with Brunnen Passage where participants will perform their acts.

Guest lectures
Lectures include Katherine Bohm (Linz Pflasterspektakel organiser) who will talks about getting booked in festivals, Dr Bubbles (Aramis Gehberger) to talk about business as a solo performer.

Who is the Masterclass for?

The program is primarily designed for adult (18+) performers with some experience of either street theater, circus, cabaret, varieté, theater or music and it is is expected that all students will already have some short act or skill that will form the basis of their work (even if it is not fully developed).


Places are strictly limited to 18 participants. Applications will be available download here from the 1st of September. The deadline for applications is 31st December 2018. For more info please email

The Coaches

Julian Bell

Sabine Maringer, MA

Working in the field of streettheater since 2004. Founder and artistic director of the international touring streettheater group Belle Etage since 2010 and the Compania Tetate –Streettheater in the park Project since 2015. Sabine is holding a Diploma as a cultural manager and drama teaching as well as a Master degree in “Performing public space”. Beside her artistic work, she is involved in several organisations working on national and international streettheater networks.

Julian Bell

Marcus Halbig

Mister M, aka Marcus Halbig, performer, entertainer, author, producer of Mister M juggling products, has over 25 years of experience performing on the streets of the world. He has directed several children theater pieces, co-writen 2 children books, has produced two award winning street theatre shows. Currently living in Salzburg on a 400 year old farm which he renovated, he still loves to perform and share his talent.

Julian Bell

Abraham Thill - El Diabolero

Abraham is a professional, international streetperformer and theatre-actor. As „El Diabolero“ he started busking in 1999, travelling Europe and California independently for almost 10 years, until he found the world of international streetperformance-, circus- and theatrefestivals, in 2008. Since then his shows where booked and awarded in numerous events worldwide.
The winter-seasons he spends with his family in Vienna, working as an actor and director in theatres.

Julian Bell

Julian Bell

The founder of The Show Salon, Julian has travelled the world performing in festivals, stages, theaters and events in over 25 different countries since 2002. Best known for his comic character "Ernest the Magnifico" he also creates children's theater, coaches performers and directs shows. When not performing he loves rockclimbing and cooking.


Guest Lectures

Katharin Böhm

Kathrin Böhm

Lecture about getting booked in festivals

Kathrin Böhm is a cultural manager and since 2010 the director of the Linz streettheatre festival. As a native of Linz, Kathrin has been able to witness the great artistic performances and the special atmosphere of this street art festival since childhood. After completing her studies at the University of Vienna in cultural and social anthropology she landed a documentary film and became subsequently project manager at the Viennese Summer Cinema and Cultural association, before moving back to her hometown of Linz. As part of her work for the cultural department of Linz, she is responsible for the Pflasterspektakel as well as the Stream Festival (formerly the Linzfest), implementing various cultural and art projects and coordinating international activities in the UNESCO Creative Cities Network.

Aramis Gehberger

Aramis Gehberger alias Dr. Bubbles

Lecture about the business of being a performer

Expect the unexpected! The magic bubble show from Dr. Bubbles is a plesant surprise. A unique entertainer, lighthearted artist and an enchanting performer! Dr. Bubbles offers a wide range of styles: from funny to romantic and elegant. He guides your imagination into the fantasy realm. Dr. Bubbles is worldwide booked and spreads the joy of the rainbow colored bubbles wherever he goes! With his charming and professional attitude he belongs to the world's greatest bubble acts. Dr. Bubbles says, if you make or see giant bubbles, you are immediatly in the present moment. This invites you to enjoy fully the beauty of life. Over the years collaborations with artists like Tom Noddy, Estas Tonne, Daniel Waples, Christian Amin Varkonyi (radioamin.com), Eva Novak, Keith Johnson, and others followed. References like: Red Bull Headquarter opening ceremony, Doha Tribeca film festival (Qatar), ATB Amsterdam trade bank, Formula 1 Bahrain, ISSA/Interclean covention, TV-apperiances at Servus TV, Grand Casino Baden, Boston childrens museum (USA) and much more!